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Cosmic Voyage

A 1-4 player, cooperative dice-rolling game set in the depths of deep space!


Who are Savania?

Founded by London-based developer Andy Copsey, Savania was created to become a home for experimental games and prototypes. From the plentiful box of ideas and test projects Spin & Roll was born - Savania's first commercial release.

With a keen eye toward free updates and rewarding customers, Savania is setting the stage for a content-rich 2021 and beyond.


The Games

There's a great schedule of content coming up. Keep an eye on this page for more details about what's coming over the horizon in the coming weeks and months!


Spin & Roll

February 1st, 2021 - Now available!

Spin, roll and launch your way to victory in this action puzzle game designed to test your reflexes, skillful movement and watchful eye! 

Carefully weave your way through 30 stages of beautifully crafted, colourful stages chocked-full of hazardous spike traps, menacing slimes, laser beams, fire-spouting turrets and angry Glorbs!


Spin & Roll: Challenge Pack

February 1st, 2021 - Now available!

Need more of a challenge? Face off against a new level of tough challenges with the first free DLC pack for Spin & Roll - the Challenge Pack.

With its unique and varied selection of familiar and equally abstract locales, this pack of stages will test your reflexes and skills to their limits!