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A new co-operative, dice-rolling board game adventure for 1-4 players!


Surviving the journey

Cosmic Voyage puts you and up to three of your friends in the hot-seat of a stranded spacecraft trying to make your way home! Using the unique abilities of the 13 unique crewmembers, along with your dice, some strategy and a little luck, you'll work together to explore the dangerous discovery zone, avoid dangerous cosmic events and complete missions to push your crew that little bit closer to home! 🪐


Climb into the Captain's chair

You can also enjoy a uniquely designed solo-mode that puts you in control of the Captain - a multi-skilled member of the crew with an array of useful capabilities and tools to hand. Use probes and special tactics cards to provide ongoing benefits to assist with the mission, swapping them out using valuable experience points gained along the way 🚀


A galaxy of hazards

Dodge past solar storms, evade black holes and navigate through treacherous asteroid fields on your journey home. You may even chance upon a wormhole and venture inside to find a faster way home or suffer the perils within! ☀


Environmentally conscious

Just because we're obsessed with space doesn't mean we don't spend a lot of time thinking about Planet Earth! We've worked with our manufacturer to ensure we're FSC certified, meaning we've sourced mostly all of our game components from renewable forestry sources 🌳


Something for everyone

We've designed Cosmic Voyage to be a quick set-up game that can be enjoyed by all ages. And with over 12 crew members to choose from and an endlessly shifting and changing discovery zone, there are endless ways to enjoy Cosmic Voyage time and time again! 🎉

Cosmic Voyage is now available to purchase online for shipping to U.K. addresses!

Purchase your copy today and enjoy a space-faring adventure through the dangers of deep space and beyond!

Please note that we are presently only able to ship to U.K. addresses. We hope to open up more shipping locations in the near future!


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