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Friday Focus #3

This week we're starting off with the Nintendo Switch! We're pleased to announce that Spin & Roll will be launching on the Nintendo Switch console this spring. Our aim is to launch some time during March / April this year. We'll be able to bring you more details as we move closer to this period, but this will be good news for

everybody hoping to enjoy the game on-the-go!

Spin & Roll has always been about having fun - and we tried to make sure the game was a simply to pick up as it was to play. With controls designed from the ground up to work equally well on a control-pad or a keyboard, it felt like a natural fit for a console that has portability at its core.

We feel that Spin & Roll will make a great game to play wherever the fancy takes you, and the Nintendo Switch allows us the chance to give you that experience!

Mekanika's mayhem nears completion

Spin & Roll's first major content update: Mekanika is now close to completion. We've packed in a ton of new features into 15 levels bursting with new challenges! Added to this a new Master Mode that remixes all of the levels into extra-challenging versions with new areas to explore and more nasties to avoid! Can you beat these new challenges?

Avoiding electro-plates and Mekopters is all in a day's work in Mekanika!
Avoiding electro-plates and Mekopters is all in a day's work in Mekanika!

Spin & Roll global release

We are now just over 1 week away from our global release of Spin & Roll on Steam! To get notified when the game launches, you can wishlist the title from our store page on Steam. We couldn't be more excited to share our first game with everyone, and we'll be running a competition for next Friday's focus blog to bag yourself a free copy of the game - so keep your eyes peeled on our Twitter page for more details!

We've got much more planned for Spin & Roll after launch, including our first major content update: Mekanika, our spring launch on the Nintendo Switch, and further content updates beyond.

We hope you're all keeping safe and well, we'll see you in the next Friday Focus!

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