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Keeping the ball rolling

from the upcoming Spin & Roll update: Mekanika!

The early bird catches the worm

Having the right idea is always a good starting point, but making sure your ambition doesn't outstretch your timescales and capabilities is also a vital ingredient to putting something out there.

Spin & Roll's development took place during the lockdown-addled months of 2020. Originally the result of a tech demo, the game evolved organically into something that could be easily compartmentalised and broken into chunks to allow it to continue developing over time - even after release.

As Mekanika nears completion, it's been great to see the 2-month content cycle bear fruit. Spin & Roll's format allows us to expand its themes and game-play in interesting ways without the need to constrain ourselves to rigid timescales - always a good way to avoid uneccessary pressure! We want to make sure our players have a lot of fun with these releases, so it's always worth us taking the time to get them right.

A place for everything, and everything in its place!
A place for everything, and everything in its place!

An early gift

Our focus on the first content release has enabled us to revisit our original timescale of sending out the update at the end of February, and instead we'll now be able to release it mid-February - a full two weeks earlier than planned!

Our commitment is, and has always been to put our players first. For playing our games we want to repay your custom in kind with more free content after launch. It's just our way of saying thanks!

We will post more details about the upcoming content release soon. As always, keep an eye on our Twitter page for the latest announcements and news. We look forward to sharing these worlds with you!

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