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Spin & Roll: Mekanika now released!

Spin & Roll just got a whole lot bigger! Our first major content update adds 15 brand new stages loaded with challenges!

Lots of new things to see, lots of new places to go!
Lots of new things to see, lots of new places to go!

The world of Spin & Roll gets turned on its head as the world of machines and mechanization come head to head in 15 brand new stages loaded full of new hazards, tricky traps and even more deadly foes!

Weave your way around electrical conduits, avoid spikey new hazards, dodge whirling Mekopters and try not to fall prey to the hovering Bombits!

Each new stage has been carefully crafted to pack the game with a fresh new look and feel whilst still giving you a familiar sense of challenge and fun. And with even bigger levels than ever before, there's much, much more to see and do in this jam-packed content update!

Now available on the Steam Store as a completely free update for Spin & Roll!

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